Insurance company does not have records of my premium payment in CASH

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I have a life insurance cover of ICICI prulife life time pension II. I have been paying the premium regularly for last 10 years. I have the premium paid certificate as well. when I checked with the insurer I was informed that for the year 2009-2010 I have not paid the premium , but I do have the premium paid certificate. The premium was paid in cash and I have the copy of the same.

My insurer now wants me to provide them the receipt and the bank transaction details. I have logged a complaint with IRDA but is of no use. I am not getting any help rather I am being forwarded the reply from my insurer.

Can somebody help me on this.


Alam Rawat

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  1. alam singh says:

    please provide me the email address of the grievance head of ICICI prulife…I have been asked to get the responce by them lodge the ombusdman.

  2. alam singh says:

    what happen..bolti bandh hogai kya…chor kahin ke..

  3. alam singh says:

    i am not satisfied with the response…this is the same answers that I am getting…the questions raised by me are still not answered…if you are correct and have guts then please publish the answer here on the web…


  4. ICICI Prudential says:

    Dear Mr. Singh,

    We wish to inform you that the concern highlighted by you has been reviewed. Accordingly, a communication has been sent to your registered email address with the details of the resolution offered.

    In case of any further clarification, please contact us on our Customer Care number 1860 266 7766 or write to us at


  5. ICICI Prudential says:

    Dear Mr. Singh,

    We are reviewing the concern highlighted by you and will get back to you accordingly.

    We appreciate your patience.


  6. alam singh says:

    I have gone thru all that sir… still providing you the details as requested

    ICICI Pru LifeTime Pension II Policy number 01333001.

    I have communicated to,…but I have not received a single response on call for clarifying my queries.

    In turn I was sent an email elaborating the payment that I had made they had adjusted in the previous financial year…I have provided them the proof as well that clearly states that icici prulife confirms the receipt of the payment.

    I have lodged a public grievance as well but they just email me back the reply from icici prulie.

    I have several questions and they are still not answered till date by icici prolife

    i would like to bring to your notice that the ppc clearly mention that you acknowledge the payment for the period between 01/04/2009 till 28/12/2009 as per your record.

    Also I had never received lapse letter rather i had been troubled by the call asking to pay the premium and because of this i had to disconnect my landline connection as my wife was troubled during my office hours.

    no penalty whatsoever mas levied to me to reinstate the policy and i was not informed that my policy is getting converted to paid up.

  7. ICICI Prudential says:

    Dear Mr. Singh,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to help us with your contact and policy details to assist you .

    Alternatively, you may also post your concern along with your policy details on
    Request you to quote the reference number 157013 whilst sharing the details. Post receipt of the requirement, our representative will get in touch with you within 48 hours.


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