Infrastructure Bond

POSTED BY abhijeet modi ON February 21, 2012 11:19 am COMMENTS (3)

Recently i purchased a REC infrastructure bond for Tax benefit ( 20000)
it is said bonds are issued on 15th feb.
i applied it with my demat account details. but my DP holding which i checked on CDSL site does not show bond.
i have to submit proof of my investment with my company so from where i get this?

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  1. Pramod Yadav says:

    Dear Abhijeet
    If you have purchased it offline then ask the broker scan coppy of counter foil which can be used as a proof.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Abhijeet,
    If I was you, I would wait for approx another 15 days before starting the query process. At times the issuance of the scripts into DP takes some time.


  3. Dear Abhijeet Modi, had you applied online or offline? In case of offline mode the counter foil of the application form can be used as proof of investment.

    Please check with your DP also, why the demat balance is not showing the bonds in your demat account?



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