Information sent by creditor is not recieved at CIBIL, who is responsible?

POSTED BY Sunil Aggarwal ON July 19, 2013 4:22 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Manish,

First of all, I appreciate your efforts for helping people in sorting out their CIBIL issues.

A month back, I requested for CIBIL report and found that two default accounts were listed in my report which were not related to me. I started communicating with banks to get them removed from my report. HDFC bank removed the account from my report after 20 days and same is updated in CIBIL as well. But real fight was dealing with LICHFL, although they have sent me an email with clarification that this account in not related to me and they have sent correction request to CIBIL 10-12 days back. But CIBIL is saying they haven’t received any request from LICHFL even after 12 days. Now, LICHFL is not responding to my emails. I have already applied for home loan in some bank and they are saying that they will not sanction until it is updated in CIBIL . I am stuck here and no way to go. Builder is pressuring me to relase money.

Manish, who will bear losses for this mistake?

Can I file consumer complaint against CIBIL and LICHFL for wrong information sharing and then taking time is issue respolution?

Sunil Aggarwal

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  1. Yes . If this has caused monitory loss to you , then you can claim damages from these companies. In no way you are supposed to take losses because of their mistakes.

    Just file a court consumer case and let it run at its pace .


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