Inflation adjusted maturity return from a traditional insurance plan

POSTED BY AK ON October 10, 2010 6:59 pm COMMENTS (2)

Traditional insurance products like Endowment Plans “offer the SUM ASSURED along with VESTED BONUS on maturity”. Said to be a NO RISK PRODUCT, is it worth subscribing to these plans, say for a term of 20-25 years, taking the rate of inflation into consideration ? Any historical data available in this respect on similar products offered by our LIC all these years?

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  1. Ak

    You have asked a question which millions do not ask and get trapped in these endowment plans , Its not worth the effort, Endowment plans are known to give returns around 4-6% overall . So considering Inflation , they are strict NO NO


    1. AK says:

      Thanks a lot Manishji, Let this reply (a Universal Truth applicable to most of the traditional insurance plans) open the eyes of millions of (as you correctly pointed out) our investor friends.

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