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Hi  All,

My father met with one accident in 2009 dec. For the following years he did not do returns. As he was working in railways he did not file his returns 2009- 2010 yr and 2010 and 2011. But fortunately he was getting his salary thru railways and they have paid the income tax (TDS)for the year 2009-2010 and some small diff was there. we are intimated abt the diff. i paid that thru online.
NOw my question.
1. I dont have the income details of the year 2010 -2011. should he need to file the returns or he can leave?

As we have changed the address there is no chance of intimating us abt the excess we need to pay them. if one yr returns filing if we skip will tat be any problem?

2. I have the income details of this yr. 2011-2012. i will be doing the tax filling within this june along with mine..

These are the things to be kept ready before filling returns


3. MIS, RD interest (which matured this yr), FD interest, and any investment in tax savoing schems. Pls tell me did i leave anything? he has no long term or short term capital gains.

he has got the retirement benifits  this financial yr and details below

GIS   –                         36,494  
LEAVE SALARY –        87,531
COMMUTATION –     4,30,687  (this amount they will intially pay and later deduct in each month pension amt)
D.C.R.G-                      458150 ( this is also tax exempt upto 10 lakhs i guess)
–    Total                     10,12,150


PF payment details     6,93,323  (as my father is a govt employee and 30 yrs service this is not taxable)

Deductions (HBA )     –1,85,127  (we got a home loan from railways. will i be able to show this for deduction)

final net amount         –15,21,058 

 4.In the above mentioned retirement amount which all are taxable?

 5.Instead of calculating like this manually will i  be able to see all these details online anywhere (form 16) ?

 6. In calculating the interest of fd should i need to show the accumulated interest for this financial year?

I put a fd for 10000 in april. it has accumulated 900 as interest. That is not maturing in this financial year(2011-2012). should i need to add this fd to this year income or shall i add that when it matures?which is the correct way?

7. Rental income: Till now in my father s returns he is not showing rental income. should i need to add that?

As I am filling returns for the first time. I got so many queries. Pls help me by answering.

Thanks for the jagoinvestor forum.



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  1. Dear Vignesh, please show the 7K interest in the current FY & remaining in next FY & pay your taxes accordingly.





    1 I have an Fd started at the month of june 2011 for 100000. till now (march 2012) it has got accumulated 7000 rupees as interest. but it s maturity happens on the next financial year.

    case 1:

    shall i pay the tax over the interest accumulated this year itself?

    case 2:
    shall i pay the tax on maturty of the fixed deposit?

    which one is correct according to the income tax department?


    Dear ashal,

    I have the declaration made by my father on 2009 -2010. I also have the form 16 of that year.

    1. is anything other than this required?

    2. Will i get the form 16 some where in the internet if we give our pan no?

    Pls guide me.

    For online filing should the signature in the pan card need to be matched with the signature in the returns filling form.?


    1. Dear Vignesh, it’s helpful if you do have your father’s form 16. Even if you do not have for past few FY, you may still file his return based upon the details you have with your for his salary & investments for those FY. For excess tax deducted by his employer if any, he ‘ll also get refund of the same.

      To get the current or old Form 16, please contact your father’s employer.



  4. Dear Vignesh, you may file online return for your father for FY 2009-2010 right now before 31 march 2012. For FY 2010-2011, you may file now or after few days/months or with next FY ITR i.e. 2011-2012.

    Please update is it suitable to you or not?



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