Income Tax Rebate on Home Loan

POSTED BY biswa ON September 5, 2014 4:25 pm NO COMMENTS

I had taken a home loan of 19 Lakh from SBI for a Flat whose construction just started. The details are

1. Date of sanction of loan : 31.01.2011

2. Date of first disbursement : 10.05.2011

3. Pre-EMI Interest paid : Rs 105725/- till 31.05.2011

4. First EMI paid on 15.06.2012

5. Possession intimation given by builder : 20.05.2014

6. Date of flat registration : 02.07.2014

7. Date of final disbursement by bank : 18.07.2014

I have not claimed any income tax rebate on Home loan till date since my possession was due. My questions are :

1. Can I claim IT rebate for interests paid till date in coming 5 years ?

2. If not, is there any ways to claim the same, like getting back dated possession letter from builder before 31.03.2014?



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