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POSTED BY Prasad Kurdi Matta ON May 7, 2012 2:53 pm COMMENTS (2)

For the AY 2011 – 2012 I have uploaded ITR 1 details online. But I have forgotten to sent the ITR-V. Now the i have missed the deadline fo sending the same acknowledgement within March 31, 2012.
I have no tax to be payed to the government and I don’t need to get a refund as well.
Now inorder to file fresh ITR-1,
1) Which Return sectiom should i use a) 12 – 139 (4) or should i use b) 16 – 139(5)
2) And for the option
Whether original or revised return?
Sould I use Revised? If yes than i should select 139(5) right?
Please advice

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  1. Dear Prasad, please file a revised return under code 139(4) as you are merely resubmitting the data but after the due date & there is no change in the original data filed by you earlier.

    While sending the ITR-V for revised ITR, please do send the original ITR-V also in the same envelope.



  2. I have no idea on this , however why are you so much in hurry , the last tax filing date is 31st July and in case of 2011-2012 , if you dont have any tax refund or additional tax to be piad , you can do it even next year

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