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Hello everybody,

Would like to know about Section 80CG under Income Tax Act. Yesterday I received a call from a Trust “Saviors of Souls” and they are behind me to donate and they will provide me a certificate to get full exempt from Income tax u/s 80CG.

First of all, I’ve never heard about it, Secondly, I searched / googled on the net and didn’t find even on the Income-Tax website too.
I’d like to know what we need to check that the trust is genuine or not before giving them the donation.

I’ve asked them to provide me the notification number under which they got approval from IT dept and for which financial year.


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  1. Dear Chakri, From the information provided by you, I smell a RAT. Please do not donate a single penny. There is every possibility that this organization is fake & so do the certificate given by them.

    Please ignore them completely & in fact tell the caller that you are going to report the caller no. to the TRAI for penalty.



    1. Chakri says:

      Thank you Prakash, Vignesh and Ashal.

      I’ve not confused about the section 80CG, Here is the information from their website “”.

      Registered under The Charitable Trusts
      Registration Number NGB-4-00195-2010-11
      Permanent Account Number – AAKTS3086L
      We have applied for tax exemption under 80CG with the income tax department.
      Once it is approved, we will inform all our donor on that.

      Ashal, you are very much right, First they send their executive to me to collect the cheque when I asked him the information, he gave me one pamphlet, in which all the stories are there which are enough to make you soft, and you will be ready to donate, but I smelled fishy when I heard about "Section 80CG" only from them.

      I've asked the executive to show me the information about the section 80CG and the exemption proceedings which they got from the IT dept then he shown me some other documents from RBI. I've asked him again clearly about the documents from IT dept on exemption, then he called to one lady and she spoke to me and she started the story again to insist me to give the cheque then and there itself. But I've provided my email id and asked her to send the information and the related notice numbers on the exemption from IT Dept to confirm with the IT Dept. Then she said tomorrow I'll send you the email and will call you..

      This happened three days back and till now there is no email and call too.

      Sorry for the story but .. the readers will learn how they will bend you by telling all those sad and generous stories.




    While reading BL one day i got this below article. pls check the below link all the details given.

    Moreover I dont know about the institution you are telling.


  3. om prakash says:

    as all the tax exempts are defined with a “C”.. probably they added the “C” and you have got confused. It should be 80 G, where in donations made to NGO are tax exempt.

    Note the below rule:

    There is maximum of 50% of the total donation can be exempted. For example, if you are donating Rs.10000, you can exempt up to Rs.5000 from the total income.


    It can not exceed the 10% of your total income. For example, Your total annual income is Rs.1000000. You can exempt up to Rs.100000. Even if you have donated more than Rs.100000, that will be ignored.

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