Income tax benefit on fees deposited for studies

POSTED BY naveenarichwal ON January 12, 2012 5:42 pm ONE COMMENT


I am a Doctor , and i want to ask, will i get tax benefits on fees deposited for further studies, say for example i want to do some short course in any faculty , and i have to deposit say Rs.10000 for the same, than ,is their any tax benifit that i can avail on that?

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  1. Dear Naveen, if the course fulfills the legal frame work of higher studies, you may claim these expenses under section 80C. But from your query it seems that, the course in question is a training nature course of 2-3 weeks duration. Good news, you can claim these expenses against your income from business or profession if you are running a clinic or hospital.

    In case you are a salaried one, sorry my dear friend you can’t claim.



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