Is there any ideal percentage for various expenses ?

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Is there any ideal % & other categories of salary outgo as a monthly/yearly expenses to meet all needs or to balance all aspects of life

Following is an exmple of salary outgo where it has been try to meet all requirements. % may get changed with person to person but it should be within any given range.

Sr No Text Monthly Part %
1 Home Loan EMI 11000 22.00%
2 Regular Household Expenses 10000 20.00%
3 Term Plan 1000 2.00%
4 Health EMI 1000 2.00%
5 SIP for MF 5000 10.00%
6 Tax Planning 1500 3.00%
7 Contigency Fund 5000 10.00%
8 Parent’s Care 5000 10.00%
9 House Expenses Additional 5000 10.00%
10 Travel & Related 3000 6.00%
11 Holiday 2500 5.00%
Total 100.00%

Monthly Takehome 50000

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  1. Hemanth says:

    there is hard and fast rule…. the expenses depends on the lifestyle of the person. I have read some where that the Home Loan EMI should not exceed 40% of the take home.

    As per this rule, you are fine with this rule…. so, I think things are fine

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