ICICI Prudential – Life Time – How to decide Fund options?

POSTED BY Vikas Prasad ON October 10, 2012 12:22 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear All

I purchased a ICICI Prudential policy named “LifeTime I” in 2005 and have been investing in it @Rs2083 monthly. Anyone familiar with this policy?

My Age is 31 years and I want my portfolio to be 80% Equity and 20% Debt. This is a long term investment for me and I plan to stay invested for another 15-20 years.

I am not clear on which Fund allocation options to select. Until now I have been going with the option that was selected by my advisor in 2005.

I have listed “Fund Options” below available on ICICI Prudential website. Please suggest which combination of “Fund Options” will be best for me. Fund option’s 3 year, 5 year and “from Inception” performance are also available on ICICI Prudential website but I am not good at reading that data and find it confusing. Kindly help.

Flexi Balanced
Flexi Growth

I also wanted to increase my monthly premium from Rs 2083 to Rs 4000 monthly. As I am assuming that it will have low service charge (surcharge) considering that I started policy in 2005.

Is it a good decision? Or should I invest my extra Rs 2000 in another policy.

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  1. Dear Vikas,

    We can arrange for a call with our advisor, who will guide you as per your needs. If you want us to arrange for a call-back, please share your policy number. You can also reach us on 18602667766 or write to lifeline@iciciprulife.com for advice.

    Warm Regards,
    Life Insurance Help
    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

  2. Do you have the option of investing more money than the premuim ? I am not sure if that will be possible with it .

    Regarding the choice of funds , these are just the funds name with different equity and debt allocation . Considering the markets have not been so high from long , I would suggest you better stay invested in the highest equity option now . So better choose the MAXIMISER fund , I assume that it has maximum equity allocation .

    Note that your decision can go wrong because you never know market movement . But this is the best what can be suggested as of now .


    1. Vikas Prasad says:

      Thanks Manish.

      Yes, there is an option to change premium once every year and it can be done only on policy annual renewal date. Once you miss that date you will have to wait for another year to change premium.

      Yes, Maximizer has maximum equity allocation.
      I am planning to put 80% in Maximizer and 20% in Balancer.

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