ICICI PINNACLE Highest NAV – SWITCH Information.

POSTED BY sunil ON July 11, 2012 2:52 pm COMMENTS (10)

Dear All,

Those were the days when i just relied on my agent for my financial planning… and Alas, once bad day he sold me this Highest NAV plan (later i came to know how it works…)
Now, as i have completed 3 years of paying premium i have opted for a premium Holiday…..
What i want to know is what are the Switch Options (to make it earn highest possible returns, it at all it can do).

Thanks in Advance,

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  1. sunil says:

    ok… i got what u say ….. Sorry was thinking something while writing the reply..
    I shall surrender the policy and put that money into a well managed Fund for Better returns.

    1. Dear Sunil, It’s ok to think deeply. 🙂 🙂



  2. sunil says:

    Dear Ashal… i dint get your answer…. Sorry can u pls elaborate..

  3. sunil says:

    Will surrender it over and may be look to invest in good MF’s.
    Thanks Ashal.
    I shall be getting 96% of the FUND value if i surrender now… and 100% of the Fund Value if i surrender after 5 years (2 years down the line…).
    But as i see (and have) no growth in such ULIPS i will be placing a request for closure of my policy.

    1. Dear Sunil, For the sake of simplicity, I assume the fund value is 1L Rs. So you are getting 96000 Rs. as of now or may be 1.15 or 1.16L Rs. after 2Y @ 0 surrender charges.

      Now back calculate, what should be your return rate to get around 1.15L Rs. in next 2Y?

      The CAGR comes around 9.5%. Is it possible? Decide yourself & remember you still have 7 years in hand till maturity.



  4. sunil says:

    hmmmmm…. a good point…

  5. sunil says:

    “As of now te surender charges are HUGE….. as its only the Third year…”

    I meant it has completed 3 years and entered into 4th year so surrender charges will be high

    1. Dear Sunil, w’d you like to amputate a finger today or an arm tomorrow? Please decide yourself.



  6. sunil says:

    As of now te surender charges are HUGE….. as its only the Third year…
    Also my investment is 180,000
    and the current Fund value is 154000

    Right away 30,000 loss after 3 years….

    is it good to surrender with what ever charge ( i may loose another 20000) and cme out or hold on until 10 years….. without any benefits.

  7. Dear Sunil, surrender is your best option to recover your money by investing it elsewhere.



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