ICICI iprotect rejected due to non availability of ” Treating Doctors’ Certificate”

POSTED BY Anil BAWA ON September 8, 2011 11:28 am ONE COMMENT

Hi I purchased ICICI iprotect policy online with SA of 50l ans period of 30yrs

Their application form required me to fill about any hospitalisation i have had during last 5 years. I filled about about my hospitalisation for treament of myelopathy about 3 years back and mentioned that symptoms were gone within 15 days and never occured again.

Later, they requested me to provide hospital dischagre report, which i had and sent.

Later their website kept on showing requirement of “Doctors Treating certificate”. After in quiring several times, i was told that they require certificate from any doctor mentioning diagnosis, pronosis etc for hospitalisation i had 3 years back. I do not have any such certificate, and i fear that any doctor would charge me and do further exoensive tests to provide me such certificate.

Subsequently i have been asking the insurance company to have me undergo any related tests, so that the risk they see is covered.

But there had been no response apart from that they cannot waive this document.

So after a month , my policy is withdrawn with my consent and money refund

My question is,

1. depending on details in application form, is it not the responsibility of insurance company to add in additional medical tests if they see risks, along with general test they have. Because most of the times, patients are never given any fitness certificate or likewise if they get treated by medication. its mostly oral.

2. if i go for insurance iwth other companies now, does my rejection of previous application in ICICI have any effect on policy approval or claim rejection. I want to disclose all facts to next insurance company, but i m not sure how much hassles i will have due to same

Kindly guide me

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  1. Abhishek says:

    Hi Anil,

    You can go to the Insurance Ombudsman for your 1st query..

    For the 2nd one, you can approach any other LIFE Insurance Company, your rejection in ICICI Pru Life will have no impact on your New Application.


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