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I ve deposited Rs 60K FD only to use EMI Online Shopping @Ebay, issued the Platinum Credit Card Instantly. Now after 26 days to be exact, my card is not activated LOL…

Anyway…what i want to make sure is…. EMI facility is there on this Card ?

* While applying the FD/Card, I told ICICI guys said… all the facilities including EMI are with this Card. 

* but when i call ICICI customer care to know the status of my card, and enquired about EMI facility… i was told …EMI is not available with this NEW Card, it will be there only after a month but she wasnt sure about it. :/

* If by chance, I cant use EMI Facility… then can i cancel my FD from my ICICI Bank acc?



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  1. Nitin Kumar verma says:


    My credit card is blocked and I am not able to use it. I have tried customer care number as well. Please help me.


    1. How can we help you ?

  2. ICICI Bank Care says:

    Dear Mr. Singh,

    Please send us your contact details at care@icicibank.com and our official will get back to you soon. Kindly refer ‘4194243’ in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

  3. Dear Prem, if it’s the cheapest deal for you, opt 3 months & go ahead.



  4. Dear Prem, please do check the prices of the same gadgets in other portals also. Please do check any processing involved for zero %EMI or 6M EMI?



    1. Prem Singh says:

      Yeah i hv checked the price….. pls check out this info.
      now what i need is ..activation of my card. i hope it will be done by next week.


  5. Dear Prem, if the card is not activated yet, what is the use of it for you? The EMI facility is there for your purchases. You can use EMI facility only after the card is activated. 🙂



    1. Prem Singh says:

      Thanks Ashal Jauhari, for your quick response! i will wait for another 10days and let u my decision 🙂

    2. Prem Singh says:

      I m planning to buy some electronic gadgets worth 35K with ICICI Bank EMI from Ebay.in
      It says… Zero Interest EMI for 3 months and 2.5% for 6 months EMI.

      So, if i choose 3 Months (Zero Interest)….i assume there will be no charges.
      And if i choose 6 Months (2.5% Interest) thn i hv to pay 2.5% of 35,000 = Rs 875/- so total i will pay altogether in 6 Months …Rs 35000 + 875 = Rs 35,875/-

      Please correct me if i m wrong.


      1. Credexpert says:

        Dear Prem,

        Check if the bank is charging any one time processing fees. If yes then, you would pay the processing fees upfront and 35K in instalments over the next 3 months or 6 months depending on your convenience.

        If you choose 6 months EMI then, you would pay 2.5% “per month” on the outstanding amount which would be much higher than ₹ 35,875.


  6. I’m also using a ICICI – Insta Credit Card

    Just go to your brank and tell them to cancel the Credit Card and FD..

    They’ll do it instantly

    1. Prem Singh says:

      @CA Karan Batra :-

      Do u ever shop online with EMI facility with your ICICI Instant Platinum C.C,

      @Ashal Jauhari : Very true, I will wait another 10days as assured by the bank official. After that i will do the necessary steps 🙂

      The reason i come here is mainly to verify about EMI facility on http://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/cards/Consumer-Cards/Credit-Card/platinium-next-details.html

      ^ Bank Official told me ..I can shop with Emi Facility
      ^ ICICI Customer Officer told me No EMI Facility is available with my card.
      ^ Another ICICI CC Officer told me… EMI facility with be available after 1 month of activation.
      ^ Cant find the info online too about my card.


      1. I prefer not to buy things on EMI because when a person buys on EMI, he usually ends up spending more than his budget…

        Just my personal opinion…

        1. Prem Singh says:

          Yeah i hv checked the price….. pls check out this info. http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/9425/emip.jpg

          now what i need is ..activation of my card. i hope it will be done by next week. 🙂


  7. Prem Singh says:

    Card was provided instantly…. but its not activated till now. FD opened on 19th April. Till today… card is in the process of acitivation, strange.

    need to know about EMI facility on it,,,,

    1. maverick89 says:

      I faced a similar problem with ICICI bank.I got the so called “insta credit card” and it took them more than a month to activate my card.I finally decided to cancel my credit card.I applied at axis bank for insta credit card and they processed it in just 3 days.

  8. Dear Prem, if the card is not given to instantly, there is no need to stick with the Fd. Please decline the card offer. Redeem your FD & try with some other bank, if you need a Credit Card at all.



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