ICICI Bank Credit Card settlement – I am getting Threat calls

POSTED BY amritdbest ON June 16, 2014 3:31 pm COMMENTS (6)

Dear Manish Sir,

I had an icici bank credit card taken in 2008 in which Rs 65000 is still outstanding.One person was in regular touch with me from icici calling from delhi for the settlement of the card .Finally i decided to settle it in month of feb 2014.However there was no response from there side .Suddenly out of no were few days back they started following up(this time different person)and this new guy by the name of KUNDAN is threatening me to pay or they will start calling up everyday in my office and tell everyone that i am a defaulter.

Sir i am ready to pay but i need some time to arrange the settlement amount( Rs 30000-35000). Please suggest what should i do as i need the right channel to approach and settle my credit card.Please do reply.


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  1. Prem kumar v says:

    I need settlement

  2. Archana Singh says:

    Hai. I am getting ready for my credit card settlement. My total amount is 70,500. Pls guide me what is the Process?

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Has credit card company not given you the next action?

  3. ICICI Bank Care says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are sorry to hear about it. Please write to care@icicibank.com with your contact details. Our official will assist you. Refer ‘47581815’ in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

  4. Raja says:

    Ignore the threats, they are just recovery agents. They cannot even tough you, else bank will be in deep trouble if you file a complaint. If you are ready to pay, contact the bank and arrive at a period of settlement.

  5. rockingguy says:

    Contact ICICI bank’s customer support team at care@icicibank.com

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