I need help in my career planning!

POSTED BY purushottam ON October 7, 2013 7:58 pm COMMENTS (9)

I think I m weird to post such kind of question in this forum, but seeing the quality of discussions here i am compelled to do so, so my apologies upfront…

I am an engineer by education, right now i am 25 years old, I graduated in 2010;  When i was in 3rd year of engineering i realized that engineering does\’t interest me at all, and i don\’t want to pursue it. i took part in some play competitions in 3rd and 4th year and wrote some plays for my college.

In 2010 i applied for FTII (Film & Television Institute of India), I got selected for screenplay writing course, but I could produce my passing certificate at that point so they canceled my admission, it was tough luck and hard failure to digest. then i moved on and completed by diploma in mass communication from xaviers, then I thought that i should explore my income source for survival, to pay my bills, so i joined journalism and i was working with a english newspaper (i thought that i would get to see some interesting people and their lives, and research is an integral element of film-making so it it is the right move), the experience was not good, i left that job and toyed with advertising.

I am currently working for an ad agency as a copywriter, but this is not helping me to pursue my dream because it is emotionally draining job, when i get back home i hardly able to work on my script, my short film project, so I am kinda frustrated, I want to pursue my dream, but i know that i need a day job to pay my bills, but i am regularly failing to find a income source which will take care of my necessities, which is not emotionally draining and help to pursue my film-making and writing dream, what i need to do?

I want some practical guidance, it may be anything, working in municipal corporation as clerk or working at post office..anything will do…I am totally lost, help me out! please

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  1. purushottam says:

    ok! thanks for your kind responses…

  2. Lakshmipathy G says:

    I am not sure if this is a right way to put it across. Teaching (May be in schools, Computer Institutes, or even any Film Institutes like get trained and then train others) does helps.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Purushottam, for that you have to search on your own in your core area or semi core area.



  4. purushottam says:

    can you think of any jobs where i will get time to do my stuff peacefully? i am not expecting a huge amount in my salary, just an amount to pay my bills, eat and buy books? say Rs. 10,000-15,000?

    eagerly waiting for your reply and thanks for the quick response!

  5. purushottam says:

    thanx a lot! ashal
    i was not trying to compare finance with filmmaking in actual terms, it was just to say that it is very uncertain than finance, thats it. i know everybody has his own set of problems and i am sure manish and u have managed to cope up with it! you have rightly identified a catch here! “a job which can give me more time” aajkal aise jobs bache kahan hai? most of the jobs are quite demanding, and stress levels are high, i have switched 3 jobs in order to strike that balance, but i have failed every time. can think of any jobs where i will get time to do my stuff peacefully? i am not expecting a huge amount in my salary, just an amount to pay my bills, eat and buy books? say 10,000-15,000

  6. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Puroshattam, I did not ask you to join finance. My Idea was to look deep within yourself. if you are ignited enough, please ask your parents to support to for next 2-3 years till the point you get traction in your passion. By the way not many people are satisfied with their current jobs, still they are continuing with it. From your oqn query, your newspaper job was paying you handsomely but you left it for your own reasons. Kindly look for a job, where you can get more free time to follow your passion.



  7. purushottam says:

    I am trying to find a way in which i can take care of my survival and then in the time left i can work on my projects. this is a sort of adjustment i know where both the things will suffer somehow, but i couldn’t find a better way at this moment, this question is really nerve wrenching, and i have to find answers myself. but if you guys can throw some light on my situation, it would be great!

  8. purushottam says:

    thanx for your kind reply!

    My both parents are employed in a government job, they earn 85,000 each(per month), my mother(52) and father(55) both have a job which will fetch them pension, as per the 7th pay commission. as far as the liability goes, EMI of 30,000 per month and my sister’s education fees – 1 lakh per year(she is into 2nd year of physio-therapy), as of now, i have only 60,000 in my emergency fund, i have changed jobs in between so the amount is less. my parents are capable of feeding me, but how long is the real tough one, seeing the vulnerable nature of this profession, it can’t be compared to a career in finance or marketing because these lack of specific skillsets in this field.

  9. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Purushottam, what about your family background? If you stop earning your bread today, who is going to feed you? Are you parents capable of doing it?

    By profession I’m a Chem. Engr. Personal Finance is my passion. Now can you co-relate your own situation with me? For my bread-butter, I’m depending on my core Job. For my passion, you can decide on your own, that I’m able to fulfill my inner desire or not.

    Dear Manish’s (the owner of Jagoinvestor) life is also an example in itself for people like you.



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