I am in USA – How can I apply PF online ?

POSTED BY prasadvenna ON August 27, 2014 12:38 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hai sir/madam……  i was working for Mahindra satyam in US client location, now  i got a job in US based company…  i  am in USA only, i want to apply my PF through online is it possible or any other solutions r there to apply from USA…. and i resigned my job 15 days back…

Thanq in advance

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  1. curiousraj says:

    I think you are talking about EPF transfer or withdrawal and not about PPF.

    To open a PPF Account you need to submit form in person.
    To Transfer or to withdraw you can submit relevant filled forms to your employer in India or send by courier to them.
    If you don’t need money urgently then you can leave it for 3 years and you will be getting interest on it. After 3 years it will be dormant and your interest will not increase.

    Universal Account Number for EPF has been launched a few days ago. So you can ask you employer about it. After introduction of it withdrawal and transfer process may change.

  2. Sumit says:

    You have to fill physical form to open a PPF account, then can transact online…


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