I am confused, how to Overcome from financial crisis?

POSTED BY kalai ON August 28, 2013 1:41 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hello Mr. Manish

I have few queries regarding my financial planning

i have a boy does his Sr.kg, i want to save at least 20lakhs at his maturity, now i am paying a interest to bank Rs.10000/- per month due to the personnel loan.
how can i overcome from this issue, what is the best way to invest? my saving are very small …. kindly suggest me

From all these issues, i have applied for CFP. Is this right?

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  1. kalai says:

    Mr. Ashal

    In Today’s economic condition, To buy a plot or Flat is a challenging role. That’s why i thought selling the land now, may be trouble in future.

  2. kalai says:

    Dear Mr. Ashal, Thanks for your kind solution.

    Actually i have kept the land for my son higher education, in Future if i cant able to make-up him for his higher education. i should use the land for his studies

  3. Dear Kalai, why are you not selling that city outer limit land to pay off your all debt & to invest also for the future needs as mentioned by you?



  4. kalai says:

    my spouse sal is used for regular activity(Separate) like grocery, school fees, medical expense, emergency expense, …….. so on

    Cash flow – My sal around – 15K
    asset – My home, & 3600sqft land outer city
    Investment – Monthly 5000/- (LIC monthly saving 500/-)
    that’s all

  5. Dear Kalai, with out knowing your current cashflow, assets & investments we can not advice on debt restructuring.



  6. BanyanFA says:

    I do appreciate your desires to enhance your academic skills around financial planning via the CFP course so that you can get have a good financial future.

    Planning for your debt needs a thorough investigation of your cash flows, which unfortunately can not be performed via a forum. You need to get help from a financial advisor / consultant to look into your affairs and help you out of your debt trap.

  7. kalai says:

    Dear Mr. Ashal, First, I need how to retrieve my debt.

    And next i want to plan for Financial Planning, for my retirement and for my Son’s higher education.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Dear Kalai, do you want debt counselling or do you want financial planning? What do you mean by ‘applied for CFP’?



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