HUF PAN card and HUF a/c question

POSTED BY spguptahyd ON March 1, 2014 9:16 am ONE COMMENT

I want to open HUF a/c. Mainly because my son in US  has a house here,which is rented.The rent is being credited to SB  joint a/c with my son and my wife.

Now tenant is asking for giving the PAN card number. Can i give my wife’s PAN number or my son(NRI) PAN number. My friend suggested to open HUF a/c and HUF PAN card and give this HUF PAN number to the tenant. Please  advise. Your article on this subject is excellent and made me think twice/thrice whether to  apply for HUF PAN card  or not.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear SPGupta, If I’m understanding your thinking clearly. The house is in the name of your Son. To avoid his tax liability, you want to procure HUF’s PAN and thus ‘ll give it to your son’s tenant. Well Do it immediately and ready to face the consequences for your action. Reason -HUF is not the owner of the house. If HUF is not owner, how can it’s PAN be given? If any PAN ‘ll do as per your own thinking, why not you provide your own PAN or your wife’s PAN or son’s wife PAN?



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