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POSTED BY Kirubakaran ON February 6, 2013 2:07 pm COMMENTS (2)


 I worked in a company for 8 months for the current fiscal year. After I joined another company and here I will work for the rest of 4 months of the current financial year.


 When I left the company say my taxable income was 250000. They deducted tax of 5000 for the 10% tax slab.

 With the current company, they re deducting hra amount for four months only which I work here, they are not considering the last 8 month hra amount even though I had shown rent receipts to the current company?


 What can I do to get the HRA amount waiver for tax with the previous company?


 Could anyone please help?

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  1. Dear Kirubakaran, what ‘ll be your total income from Co. A & co. B, i.e. A+B = ?



  2. sunil says:

    I hope while filing ITR returns you can show HRA and get back back the money.

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