HRA claimed less than that was paid originally

POSTED BY vikhyatshukla ON March 20, 2012 4:41 pm ONE COMMENT

My rent is 9000/-.I submitted rent receipts  of 6500/-to my company as a part of document submissions for IT Exemptions.upon receeiving my payslip i found out that this slab was the least possible for exempt(Rent-10%).So a sum was taxable and tax was deducted. I still did not not received form16.Can i go ahead changing the rent receipts (Rent receipts have already been provided. I mean to say Revised rent receipts) so as to get my tax back from the company or through ITR.If so how should i proceed with the changes.

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  1. Dear vikhyatshukla, please do not worry, you may claim your excess tax as refund from the income tax dept. Please quote the right HRA amount & thus right taxable income & accordingly claim your refund.



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