How to transact Mutual Funds Online?

POSTED BY Sanjeev Chandran ON March 1, 2011 1:46 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear All,

Does anyone suggest me which platform is very convinient to transact MF’s online, I heard that is a online platform were we can transact MF’s online & there is no charges for the same. If anyone knows about Fundsupermart please let me know more details about it.

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjeev Chandran

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  1. Atul says:

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Its not necessary that free are the best or paid are good. For example HDFC is paid but Ok. While is free but good.

    When selecting online platform for MF investment please look at the following few factors

    1. Easy to open and close account (if required). Check closing process also. HDFC has lengthy process. FYI only.
    2. Number of funds supported
    3. Charges. Very important. For example HDFC charges Rs 110/- per quarter plus Service charge.
    4. Web Interface should be easy and user friendly. Too many clicks drives me crazy though.
    5. Facility for SIP
    6. Good customer support.

    Take your own call.



  2. Tarun Aggarwal says:

    Hi SAnjeev,
    You can use also. It is also free of charge(as of now) for MF transactions.


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