How to start Mutual Funds ?

POSTED BY Ragavan ON August 23, 2012 5:50 am COMMENTS (7)

I like to start SIP of mutual funds

IS it mandatory to open DEMAT A/c ?

Is it poss to avoid brokerages in opening SIP by doing directly/online with Fund owners?


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  1. Ragavan says:

    Heard fundsindia charge for equities.

    some 500 for account opening and misc charges

    1. Kapil says:

      That’s incorrect. I am using fundsIndia and haven’t paid a single penny to them. They earn directly from the AMCs as distribution fees.

  2. Dear Ragavan, If you want to invest online & under a single platform, please check



    1. Ragavan says:

      ok which is best .
      fundsindia or fundssupermart?

      if s to fundsindia y not with fundsupermat?

      1. Dear Ragvan, My take is yes to both. Please opt as per your comfort level.



  3. Ragavan

    Demat is not required to invest in mutual fund. You can invest in it , directly from AMC , agent or fundsindia. There will be no brokerge , but there is something called Expenses ratio which is deducted from NAV directly, you cant save it .


    1. Ragavan says:

      Ok. Then what is cheapest and best option to invest in mutual funds choosing ur own SIP and less brokerage or no/less maintanance chargs if any?

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