How to Select Best Health/Medical Insurance?

POSTED BY merams ON October 3, 2013 5:26 pm ONE COMMENT

Day by day medical costs are increasing. Health Insurance we purchase now may not be sufficient in 10 years time. If you are middle aged and 10 years time if you cross 50, we may not able to enhance medical coverage as many insurance providers don’t accept once we cross 50.

Do you have any recommendation or suggestion for any medical/health insurance? There are various options from individuals, family floater etc. Banks too offer at attractive package. It will be good if you can write a small article which will benefit your followers..

Also If you are a NRI, and want to return to India for retirement, how do I take Medical Insurance policy? Is their any Medical insurance policy providers for NRI in India?

Thank you

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Merams, too many wishes in a single post. 🙂

    Regarding health policy for NRI’s NO. till you are NRI, you ‘ll not get a policy. Yes, once you return to settle fully in India, you may purchase one as per your choice.

    To combat inflation, it’s advisable to go for a higher cover from day one. Apart from this, one may also go for Top and Super Top up cover. Please read dear Manish’s article on Top and Super Top up covers.



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