How to represent switch over to direct plan in portfolio manager

POSTED BY kramasundar ON May 4, 2013 4:36 pm ONE COMMENT


How would one represent in his portfolio managing tool the SIPs he made for x years, when he switch all the units to Direct plan?

Eg. if i have investment of 60,000 (1000 Rs sip for the past 5 years), and i have that in my moneycontrol portfolio tool. Assume that the curent value is 72000. If i am switching today to DP, i will make an buy entry for 72000. That means I will loose the gain/loss details of the past. And it will look like a fresh investment or?

I am bit worried of book keeping. But weighing in the (long term 15+ years) advantage of switching to DP, I will do it later this year to avoid STT.

Any suggestions/ideas?



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  1. Dear Ram, please input a sell entry for old regular units & a buy entry for DP units.



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