How to open PPF

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 I want to open PPF account(due to tax savings). What are the options available to open it? I have heard through SBI account. But its really tough to open a new account in SBI in my place.  Is there any other option?

 Any online procedures?

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  1. TaxSpanner says:

    PPF account can be opened in SBI or its associates bank like State bank of Mysore. If any bank or branch is creating any problem you should complaint to banker’s ombudsman

  2. Dominic Prakash says:

    Dont know why it is “tough to open a new account in SBI” in your place. You can deman for an explanation if you have all the necessary documentation/proofs with you. You need to have PAN and Address proof and it would take about 15 min to open a PPF account with any SBI.

    Not only SBI, you can open any of the State Bank group of banks.

  3. Trishit Ray says:


    Trishit here.A PPF a/c in SBI is very convenient.You can have online facility of your PPF a/c also.Do you have any savings a/c in SBI?It should not be that tough.You can contact the branch with a copy of your PAN card,epic and may be a photo(I forgot if photo is needed or not please check with the bank or website).

    If you don’t want to go to sbi you can go to ICICI bank,they are given permission for PPF from 2005.

    Lastly, you have the option of the eternal Post Office.But you will not get online facility there.

    I would recommend SBI though.

    Please update this forum what you do.


    Trishit Ray

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