How to manage my low CIBIL score – I was late in payments earlier ?

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I am having an hdfc and citi bank credit cards and my repayment was on time.some times may be late.and also having an auto loan (hdfc) payment was late in that 4 times ECS was returned and I repaid the amount. my CIBILscore is low.and please help me how to manage my score.

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  1. curiousraj says:

    Make an FD in a bank and take instant credit card against it. So if your FD is of 20 thousand then your credit card limit will be 17000 (85%). This credit card will be valid till your FD is with bank. You will get interest on FD as usual.

    No verification is required. You just walk in to the bank and come out with credit card (without your name printed on it). If you want your name printed on it then you have to wait. Alternatively you can make an online FD and credit card will be sent to your address.

    Instant Credit card helps you to improve your credit score. Surrender all other credit cards.

  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Sir,

    The late payments would have had a negative impact on your credit score. To improve your score, please be careful with your payments and repay all your credit card dues and pay your EMI on time every month.

    Improving your score will not be a “quick fix” and it will increase over-time. But please ensure to make all your payments on time.


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