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I have a PF accountfrom my old company, and 2 years before i joined my present company.
my previous PF account is still there… and i have another PF account with my present company.

Now i have two options…

1. Withdraw my PF from previous company : as it will become dormant after 1 year.
2. Link and trasfer all my OLD PF account to current PF account : Not sure how this is done.

Can any one guide me on this front pls.

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  1. sunil says:

    Thanks Ashal.

  2. sunil says:

    Sorry Ashal…. i became Lazy in searching.
    By the way i got the answer… i shall talk to Finance Dept today and will update if i have any prob.

    I have another Question.
    If i start working in a company XYZ from 2006 but my EPF started only on 2010, ideally i completed 6 years in the current company, but only 2 years with EPF…
    Can i wothdraw my PF without TAX or should i wait further???

    1. Dear Sunil, from taxation perspective, the date of PF ‘ll be 2010 & thus your withdraw ‘ll be taxable.

      From pure financial perspective, it’s advisable to go for PF transfer.



  3. Dear Sunil, please check some prev. queries on the similar matter & you ‘ll get enough info. If still in doubt, please com beck here & we ‘ll try to answer your queries if any.



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