How to know Outstanding amount is cleared or not which I paid for Income Tax ?

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Hi All,

Thanks in advance to all.

Can you suggest me how to check the Outstanding amount is cleared or not.

In the month of July,2013 I got an email from Income tax department under section 143(1) for outstanding amount of Rs 35 lacks for the year of 2009 – 10. I have contacted one Chartered Accountant, he checked and find out some software issue was happened while uploading the TX returning in the year 2009-10 and showing the more income than form16.  He only applied for rectification(section-154) online. But it was rejected and requested me to come and contact Income tax officer. CA only attend to income tax department instead of me. After that he told me it was rectified, but he was not given any clearance document. I saw Outstanding amount on online, here section was changed from 143(1) to 154.

I am not sure about this(is it rectified or not??),

can I believe that CA or shall I need to contact Income tax department.

Or is there any other way to  find out the status of Outstanding amount.

Thanks and regards,

S. Venkat

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear S Venkat, please contact your local assessing officer directly to get it rectified.



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