How to invest with SBI Maxgain

POSTED BY Ram ON June 17, 2013 12:14 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi ,

I am reading “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know”. This book suggest to invest in Equity/PPF.

Recently I switched my home loan from IDBI  to Max gain and after that I am putting all my additional money in max gain account.

I have stopped putting money in equity (Maximum investment I have made in equity compared to other traditional products) and other investment options like FD, PPF.

Should it be preferred strategy for me?

If future I want to purchase car and second home and I think putting money in maxgain assuming I am getting 9.95% interest (by saving homeloan interest) which is more compared to other products.

Please suggest.


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  1. Dear Ram, stopping all Eq. investments is the worst thing you can do with your financial future. We advised to park surplus in Max Gain. Never Ever we said to stop all other investments & divert al into Max Gain. Please think over it for a while.



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