How to invest Rs. 7lacs to get Rs. 10lacs after three years

POSTED BY NBA ON November 11, 2010 12:11 pm ONE COMMENT

I want to invest Rs. 7lacs to get Rs. 10lacs after three years. I want to prepay home loan after three years.I will need Rs. 10lacs for that. I am thinking about buying MF. Please suggest few good schemes and mix. Any other investment I should consider apart form MF? Current interest rate for home loan is 9.5%. After deducting interest tax benefit, effective interest rate is 7.75%. 7.75% is cheap interest rate and I don’t want to partial prepay my home loan now. Another reason is I will loose money on hand if I partial prepay it. If I buy MF, I will have some liquidity at least.

I got suggestion to invest in following MIP debt funds with low risk and approximately 10% return.

HDFC Monthly Income Fund ( LT )
Reliance Monthly Income Plan

I can take moderate/high risk, so suggestion was to use STP to few good balanced funds if I want better return (12%-15%). I am thinking of going STP way. Please suggest few good balanced fund.

Is above plan look OK?

Home and Home loan both are insured and I have kept aside enough money for emergency purpose.

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  1. bharat shah says:

    your expectation @12.5% p.a. is reasonable. as per me, best balance mutual fund is ‘hdfc prudence’. even we consider @42.5% increase in sensex, it works out @29000, which would be achievable within 3 years , or earlier.’ hdfcindex sensex plus’ a large cap diversified mutual fund is also good mf, most of time gave better than sensex return.

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