How to invest online in Mutual Funds?

POSTED BY Narasimha ON December 20, 2011 8:01 pm COMMENTS (11)

I am planning to invest in Mutual funds.I have researched and came up with the below funds.

IDFC Premier Equity Plan A
HDFC Equity
DSPBR Top 100 Equity Req
ICICI Pru focused blue chipEqui Retail

Please suggest how to invest online.I am not loking for DeMat account as they charge much transaction fee.Please suggest some best online sites which provide this service.


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  1. Narasimha says:

    Thanks to all for the inputs.I will register with Fundsindia. Happy Investing to all 🙂


  2. Dear Investngrow, I had already checked that clause & also questioned the same with none other than but the promoter himself – as per him, in near future there is no such possibility of implementing such transaction charges but in case in future there are some major changes by SEBI & due to which the revenue model of co. changes, that’s where this clause comes into picture.

    Now for your own fear, say after 5-6 years in 2016 or 2017, the distributor (in this case starts charging transaction fee. The investor has the option to stop transacting with the distributor & may carry over to another player where the things are still free or at last directly to MFs.

    FYI – As on date ICICIDirect charges these transaction charges from the investor till the point, the portfolio is below a thresh hold limit (8L to be precise). Beyond that every transaction is free.

    Take your own pick.




    Dear investngrow

    this is a valid point i agree.

    Now there are only three players who offers zero transaction fee(My knowledge). In future there will be many people coming out . this will make the competition intense and advantage is for investors only.

    even they start charging they will not charge too much and we can pay the less amount to avoid the login headaches.

    worst case if they start charging more we will go for the one who is charging less.

    Happy investing!!!

  4. Milind says:


    Currently i am using individual logins for each AMC.
    HDFC, ICICI provides you login credentials for existing users.
    But certainly you have to remember all credentials for each fund then.
    So i think above mentioned sites must be useful as you can do all buy/sell with one login.

  5. investngrow says:

    Dear Ashal,
    If you grow through fundinda’s “Terms & conditions”, it says:
    “all mutual fund related transactions done using the FundsIndia platform are free of transaction charges, WIFS reserves the right to change the fee schedule in future”

    What suppose if they increase exhorbitant fees in future? we will be forced to redeem all our investments….

  6. Dear Narsimha, as per income model of the, they are not charging any thing from the investors as their main source of income is from the trail commissions they are getting against our investments from the AMCs.

    AMCs are paying this trail commission from the expense ratio recovered from the funds. This expense ratio ‘ll be recovered in ny case, no matter we are investing through a broker, distributor or directly with AMCs. So it’s advisable to have a single window facility to invest in all MFs.




    Dear Narasimha

    As they are collecting the commission charges from AMC they dont collect any charges from the customer as of now.

    so You open an account and can do all the transaction(SIP, LUMPSUM) it in free of cost….No extra charges.


  8. Narasimha says:

    Thanks to all for your valuable suggestions.

    Vignesh and Ashal ,could you please let me know the charges for for each transaction.I am looking for SIP?


  9. Narayan says:

    If you do not wish to use the demat account route to invest online in mutual funds; you can try out some of the other possible ways. First, you can buy online from the fund house directly in which you wish to invest, provided the AMC has such an offer. Most of them do; some are still to catch up. Next, you can use a third party online mutual fund platform provided by or fund and get started. Lastly; you can buy funds online through your bank, if it is offered by them.

  10. Dear Narsimha, You may start investing from following portal.

    Disclosure – I’m using this portal for my own investment & highly satisfied with the over all performance.





    you can do all your mutual fund investment with free of cost in the following websites


    I am personally using fundsindia.. very good customer service..


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