How to invest online in Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver ?

POSTED BY BISWAJIT DASH ON December 11, 2011 4:24 pm COMMENTS (6)

I want to invest in the following mutual funds. But don\’t know the procedure to invest online. Can anyone let me know the procedure to invest online? And also I would like to know if it is chargeable or free.. Is there any free option also?

1. Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver
2. Fidetlity Tax Advantage

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    I am investing thru Fundsindia .reliable site with good customer support.

    I cant comment on moneysights and Fundsupermarket…

    You can open with Fundsindia itself…


  2. Dear Biswajit Dash, I have not checked personally all the 3 portals as a customer hence can not comment which one is best. For my personal money I’m using

    You may check/go with any of the 3 discussed above as per your own comfort level.



  3. Dear Biswajit Dash, there is one more player named All these portals are offering free of cost investing to the investors. But for their own survival they are dependent up on the trail commission. Trail commission is the part of expense ratio paid by AMC to the brokers/distributors on yly basis if the money remain invested for at least a year. For Eq. funds it’s around 0.5%. It may look very small initially but once the size is there, the real profits ‘ll come to these portals.

    One more thing – no matter you invest directly with each AMC or use these portals, the expense ratio ‘ll any way be deducted from your money so for ease of operation it’s advisable to use one of these portals.



    1. BISWAJIT DASH says:

      Thanks Ansal for all the information.

      According to you which portal is the best and why?

  4. Dear Biswajit Dash, You use for your online investments in MFs. It’s free of charge to you. Most of the MFs are available on this platform. A netbanking enabled bank account is required to transact online.



    1. BISWAJIT DASH says:

      Hi Ashal,

      Thanks for your suggestion… I have few doubts..

      there is also as well…

      what is the difference between the this two?

      However, when I was looking in both these websites.. both are free!!

      I dont understand how they are offering free service??

      Thanks again!!

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