How to invest as a new comer for a long term

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I am new to the stock market. Planning to invest Rs 10,000 every month. In the present market scenario, please suggest should i invest the entire amount in mutual fund or should i invest partly in mutual fund and partly in stock. if so, please suggest which mutual fund or stock should i select. My risk level is medium. I am looking for a long time goal say min 5 years.


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  1. Vijaya says:

    thanks a lot for your suggestion

  2. Jagadees says:

    @ vijaya
    I would like to suggest the following mix of mutual funds: 2 large cap + 1 Multicap + 1 midcap stock. For the debt side you can open PPF account if u dont have one.

    select your stocks from following list after your research. you can visit and also

    Large cap funds:
    1. HDFC Top 200
    2. Birla sunlife frontline equity
    3. DSPBR Top 100
    4. Quantum long term equtiy

    Multicap fund:
    1. HDFC equity
    2. DSPBR equity
    3. ICICI Prudential Dynamic
    4. Reliance Regular Savings Equity

    Midcap fund:
    1. IDFC premier equity
    2. ICICI Prudential Discovery
    3. Reliance Growth

    Do bit of own research before investing. Please keep in mind following points:
    1. Dont chase top ranked mutual fund of the year. Instead look for consistency and track record.
    2. Review your fund performance once in 6 months. Dont switch funds immediately if it is not performing for one quarter.
    3. In there will be column called risk grade. Look how much risk fund manager takes to have the particluar returns when compared with its peers.
    4. Have nominal returns expectation of 15%.

    Happy investing 🙂

  3. Vijaya says:

    thanks everybody for your valuable advice. As per your valuable suggestions, i have decided to invest in Mutual funds and see how it goes and then will enter the stock market. Please suggest what type of mutual funds will be apt for me..

  4. Jagadees says:

    My suggestion is first start your investment in well diversified large cap mutual fund in SIP mode. For the funds suggestion u can visit the following site –
    Read the comment section also in the post. Dont blindly follow the suggestion given. Do your homework also before finalizing the fund.

    In the mean while you can start learning about investing in stock markets. once you are confident about how the stock market works, you can start direct equity investing.

    Happy investing 🙂

  5. Hemant B says:

    Investor make mistake of choosing wrong vehicle for their investment. Practically, Equity should be for Long term and Debt for short term, but investor do the the opposite, Equity for short term and debt for long.

    Guess which is the world’s most expensive hobby…… “Equity Trading”

  6. As a new comer, don’t go for stock market directly. Go for quality equity diversified mutual funds through SIP mode. Invest some amt. in Gold ETF also every month.

    Do not see NAV everyday. Review your portfolio once in 3-4 months.

    Get mediclaim. It will cover all your investments in case of any hospitalization.

    Hope it will help you.

  7. teejay.tarun says:

    Best way to start is to buy Nifty-bees every months as SIP .. or Buy Nifty Stocks in small quantities every month.

    To get more risk free investment buy in 2 parts each month on days when market falls…

  8. rakesh says:

    If you are a newcomer then insteat of investing in shares opt for MF. MF is less risky when compared to shares. Start SIPs in few good Eq. funds. When you are comfortable then you can invest in shares. Keep reading this forum there are a lot of articles which will guide you. All the best.


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