How to get power of attorney

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Very soon I am going to get the possession of my flat, but currently I am not in the country, so my builder is agreed to give possession to my father. My concern is, can my father put that flat on rent, or does he need a power of attorney, and if he does, how can I get it for him sitting out of country.

Thank you.

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  1. finnaive says:

    Dear Inty
    I am in a same boat. I will be getting possession of my flat in 1-2 months, but I am not in India right now. So I have prepared a POA in my brother;s name who will help in facilitating all the registration related work. in my case, my builder helped me iin preparing the POA. I had to pay around 1200-1500.
    In addition to what dear Ashal has said, you can also check with your builder..normally they help in doing this.

  2. Dear Inty, please ask your father to contact an advocate in his city & he ‘ll guide your father for it.



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