How to get NOC for settled amount paid for HDFC credit card ?

POSTED BY Ram7862 ON May 9, 2014 8:27 am COMMENTS (6)


I had HDFC credit card. I checked my original and duplicate statement and found conflict in it. It has different amount for services. It had 1500 Aprox with in 3 months. I wrote mail to dpt  but got unusual reply that It has been done which I can’t see till now. I stooped payment. Finally I settled it with partially payment. but when I requested for NOC they are asking for full amount of INR 50000. Kindly suggest how I can get NOC from them.



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  1. Raja says:

    Hi i having HDFC Credit card limit of 35000 in 2014 they debit from my saving account 27500 a telecaller from bank called me to pay another 2500 to the card your credit card to close it, i paid it. After 3 years 2017 a person from Hdfc bank said your card still oped you need to pay 25000 for NOC, or pay 10000 for settlement, i issue the settlement letter, what i want to know, whst the process to close my credit card properly, kindly guide me.

    1. First thing you need to do is ask them the explaination on why you still have the balance when you already made the full payment. Then close it properly by paying any dues if any, and then take the NOC !

  2. shams says:

    I had HDFC credit card and i surundered that card in January 2015 by paying the settlement amount , Bank gave me a letter (I guess NOC) and I lost that , my question is can I get the same once again from HDFC bank ?

    1. Yes, but you need to check with them only for this.

  3. Ambreen says:

    Hi I was having a hdfc bank credit card. On which there was some outstanding but I never received any statement. In mean while i joined a new company n they have thwte salary account wotb hdfc and the very first month my salary got credited all of a sudden the whole salary of 55000 was deducted from my account. When I enquired about it they said it was my outstanding. But they have never issued any noc. Plz help me to find out how can I get the noc from bank for this credit card account.

  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ram, do you mean to say along with the disputed 1500 Rs. you stopped payment for regular bill also that’s how it become 50000 Rs?


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