How to get NCB for Car Insurance?

POSTED BY Nitin Avula ON March 12, 2013 7:51 pm COMMENTS (7)


Earlier I had a car insurance policy with United India Insurance. After 1 year, before the expiry of the policy, I got a renewed it with New India Insurance. Both of them are PSU Insurance companies which is the big problem here for me 🙁

During that time the New India People said to pay the full amount and later when I submit the NCB(No Claim Bonus) letter from United India then I would get a refund for the NCB Bonus.

So, after few days I went to United India office who promptly redirected me to there head office in Begumpet. I went there and asked for NCB letter, they refused me to give me a NCB letter stating the reason that the policy has already expired.

Now, the New India people are saying they want the NCB letter without which they cant give me the refund for NCB bonus. 🙁

The New India people are suggesting they would write a template letter to United India office asking for an NCB, and it would be my duty to get it signed from them. ( Although I am not sure why I should do this)

I am now caught in between the two India’s.

Some one kindly help me in getting an NCB bonus.

Thanks and Regards,

Nitin Avula




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  2. rajkanwar321 says:

    I agree with both Ashal Jauhari & S K Sinha. Hey Nitin did you had any luck in getting NCB? I must tell you this is a big pain. Also you should have check with some insurance company that does the job for you of transfer existing No Claim Bonus from any insurance provider. I was lucky in this since I got my existing NCB transferred hassle free from Liberty Videocon motor insurance company. You can even have a word with them –

  3. Dear Nitin, first try your luck with that letter. If unsuccessful, please file a complaint with Insurance ombudsman in your area.



  4. Nitin Avula says:

    Thanks Ashal for ur reply.
    The NCB is around 10% of the total premium which comes to around 1100 rs. Since this is my first car I was not aware of the switch formalities and how to take a NCB prior to switch.

    Don’t I have any other options apart from getting the letter signed by United?
    Can’t I complain to the IRDA?

  5. Dear Nitin, what was the NCB at stake? In my personal opinion, at the time of switching itself, you should had get NCB letter from United. As per New India, get it signed now from United. How much pain you are ready to take for your NCB is a million dolor question.



    1. S K Sinha says:

      Nitin, it is none of your business to get an NCB letter from an Insurer. India Motor Tariff clearly mandates that existing insurer has to call for NCB letter from previous insurer.And it would be mandatory for both the insurers to call for and reply to within stipulated time. if the previous insurer doesnt reply within stipulated time, the current insurer can presume that NCB declared by you is correct.

      Secondly, if you were sure of NCB, you could have availed it after giving a declaration( format is designed by IMT, and all Insurers have it). This is common practice also. There must be some specific reason why New India did not ask you to fill this form.

      Thirdly, whenever, you propose to change the insurer, take care to get a renewal notice from the previous insurer. It will contain NCB. You would be automatically free from this type of hassles.

      Happy Insuring !!

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