How to get my pension fund transfered ?

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Hi Friends,

Could anyone guide me how to solve the PF issue at moment.I was working with CSC india when i got my PF transferred from Satyam and Wipro Technologies.From Satyam computers employee share which is mine was transferred correctly while the employer share which includes PF+PENSION, pension fund was not transferred. I submitted one form 13 to satyam while i was in CSC to get my pf transferred.I downloaded my epass book from government of india and found that pension fund was not transferred .The same was the case with wipro.

Oct 2007–I joined Satyam and left satyam feb 2010

March 2010 i joined Wipro and left wipro on may 2010

june 2010-joined CSC .I applied for PF transfer from both Satyam and Wipro.In both i submitted one 13 form for satyam and one 13 form for wipro.Still the pension is not transferred ,only pf is transferred.

Could anyone guide me how to get pension fund transfer.I raised grievance with Satyam Computers concerned pf office and they gave the answer

This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number xx/xx/xx/xx

It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:

It is informed that, an amount of Rs.xxxxx/- towards EPF was transferred to xx/xx/xx/xx through cheque NO.xxxx dated 05/01/2011 alongwith the above Annexure ‘K’ (Transfer document) was also forwarded to the concerned PF office based on which the above amount and EPS (Pensionable Service) which is furnished in the transfer documents were to be credited in your PF a/c to which the above details were sent. As per the EPS rules, the service rendered by you in your previous & present spell of (EPS) service is the only requirement for pension eligibility or for withdrawal.

Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.

I also raised grievance with Wipro (which has PF trust) and they replied-

We have received one form 13 and we have processed your PF amount and If you would like to transfer your Pension  a/c to your new employer, please send us one more form 13 transfer applications to the below mentioned address through your new employer, On receipt of the same we shall process and transfer your Pension  a/c.

1. EPF and FPF A/c No. is one and the same.

2. Please note that your PF a/c is maintained by Wipro Provident Fund Trust.

3. Trust address is as follows.

Wipro PF Trust,

EC 1, 3rd Floor, Tower 4

No 72 Keonics Electronic City,

Hosur Main Road, Bangalore-560100

whatever amount they have mentioned i check in my online epassbook that pension fund is missing while only pf part of employer share is given.Please help me to get my Pension fund transferred. Also why reply from Satyam and Wipro is different



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  1. Kshitij_Peter says:

    So Amrutha,

    If we have worked less than 5 years, then do we have to forfeit that amount?

    For the online application it stated that all three parts (EPF+EPS) is requested to be transfered.
    “I request that my Provident Fund balance along with my Pension Service Details may please be transferred to my present account under intimation to me.”


  2. Amrutha says:

    As per my knowledge the person becomes eligible to claim pension amount if he/she has completed minimum 5 years in the same organisation.

  3. Kshitij_Peter says:

    Hi All/Rahul,

    Even I have a similar situation. I have applied for transfer from my 3 previous organizations(had given form13 in previous organization – but someone finance there messed up) to my 4th organization.
    For my first (which happens to be Satyam) and third(Synechron) there is no movement and hence I have submitted the online transfer request just today i.e. 02-Feb-14.
    For my second organization (Persistent) the pension fund is not transferred. So I would also like to know what is with the pension fund. (tried to search online but got nothing which I can say is understandable/convincing to me.).

    I think this was discussed in the reply post for one of the article, but couldn’t locate that discussion(with a convincing answer).

  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Rahul, please contact the EPFO where Satyam record was maintained.



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