How to get in touch with Fine India Fraud Case

POSTED BY Prakash C ON April 5, 2013 1:53 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi All,

I have Invested 50 K in Fine India some years back. I think many of you will definitly know about Fine India, which cheated thousands of People around India.

This Fine India case is with CBI, I need to know the status of case.

What i have to do, to get my money back.



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  1. Prakash C says:

    Hi Ashal Jauhari,

    Thanks for your Reply. But the case is with CBI, so i’m in little hope that some day i’ll get some part of my money back, but actually i don’t have any hope on Indian Govt or Law or CBI – everything is like eyewash. Just i would like to try some thing, instead of doing nothing.


  2. Dear Prakash, personally I did not know fine India. After reading your query, I googled a bit & whatever little I understood from the research, your money is gone forever in thin air. Please accept this truth & move on. You have learnt your lessons hard way & now never ever try to invest in schemes which promises you castles in the air. There was never & ‘ll never be a easy money. Please stay away from such scams in future also.



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