How to get claim with HDFC HOME SURAKSHA PLUS.

POSTED BY ashok ts ON March 5, 2013 2:42 pm COMMENTS (16)

Hi, I have taken HDFC home suraksha plus policy from HDFC Ergo General Insurance. In that they
have mentioned that for loss of job, they will give three months EMI.
I have lost my job on jan 18th. I was paying the EMI as Rs.30000 per month. They have only
one toll free number for any contact. I called them then, they told me to register for the claim
and i have done it. They sent the list of docs to be sent to them for claim after a week.
Then i have sent the required docs. Then they did not give any feed back . I was calling
again and again then they told that some docs are missing. But they have not mentioned in the
check list which they have sent. Upto this time,my EMI for JAN was paid by me. I wished that
atleast from feb onwards they may pay.( since i lost job, i was not having much money.).
   Then they asked some more docs. That also i have sent to them. Then as usual no feed back.
i called to the toll free number again and again. they were telling that they did not receive the
docs. I was giving courier number to the call centre team on a daily basis. Then feb end also came.
Again i have paid the EMI..Then i told them that if HDFC itself behaves like this, then what to do..
like that..i told them.
Then suddenly the claim officer called me and told that it is in process. after two days, i called
them again and again. then the claim officer called me and told me that my claim got rejected..( super!!)

I shouted them that if you have told me earlier, then i would have done some part payment and might
have reduced that interest rate..
You know, why my claim got rejected.. they are asking me to get letter from HR that Our company is winding up
due to these reasons , so we asked them to resign. like that..How a company give like that..

Our HR sent mail to them that since we are closing the operations of Uninor, please resign on this date..
I have sent that email print out. They are not accepting that. They are not accepting the relieving letter from
the company. And more over the Uninor has closed in TN due to 2G scam is a well known issue. But they are
not accepting that also.

Is is possible to take my three months EMI? Or we should leave it.. please guide..

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  1. Bhagwan Bangar says:

    I am also the recent victim like same case, even I personally visit their office but no any response. I am going to file FIR.

    1. Anuradha Singh says:

      Hello Mr. Bhangar
      We won’t be able to help you with this question. Kindly ask the company directly.

      Thank You

  2. manoj goyal says:

    Other than doing insurance for Home loan Cover, Is it necessary to have a home insurance.
    If it is, Suggest a good one.

    1. Home Insurance (the structure part) is actually a mandatory thing with some banks .. Not the home loan cover !

  3. Laxmi says:

    I am really concerned to read through all these threads about HDFC Ergo Suraksha Plus Policy. I also purchased this policy a year back and now thinking of closing the policy – if these are all cheaters, it does not make sense for me my hard earned money for no benefits promised

    1. Thanks for your comment Laxmi

  4. rakesh says:

    Pls advise what was the final outcome of your case.
    My claim of Job loss has been rejected due to the same reasons

    1. ashok says:


      Nothing changed. I paid the EMIs and could not fight with them. They will never pay EMI for three months. Sorry to say that All are cheaters..

      That’s it.

      1. rakesh says:

        Thanks Ashok, I’ll see what I can do

  5. sandeep says:

    Hello Ashok,

    Just read out the cocern which really lead me to rethink if one really has to go for insurance, Like you
    i too have bitter experience with the ICICI Lombard for home insurance, i had claimed for the POP cieling got ruptured which include as a sturucture, even then they refuse to settele the claim saying this is not covered.
    I guess the main problem is that while buying the insurance/investment we do not have time to read policy documnet where in they mention a lot of conditions which i guess more 90% are not able to produce at the time when they really need helping hand form the insurance company.
    My suggestion to all is to read these condition carefully to meet your concern.
    If you really think that you are fullfilling all the condtions and documnet, then please please dont let the insurance company let it go with ease. let them know atleast you are smart.

  6. ashok ts says:


    I am ready to launch the complaint. How to do it.. is it via writing to some officers or through online..

    Please guide me. This is new to me..

  7. Credexpert says:

    Dear Ashok,

    Assuming that you have complied to all the terms and conditions (which looks like in your case) and there is no fine print that could disqualify you, file a complaint and we would also suggest that if possible make a personal visit to sort out the matter.


  8. Dear Ashok, there lies the problem. It’s not HDFC Ergo who is wrong. It’s about us. You were cheated & still you are letting off the company as you do not have time. Even before filing a case, you are pretty sure that you ‘ll lose your case. Thanks for you advising so many people that nobody should accept HDFC ERGO policy but how ‘ll s/he get loan from HDFC? Any solution?



  9. ashok ts says:

    Thanks Ashal Jauhari for answering me..

    Due to God’s Grace, I have some support from Parents, and i had some emergency funds due to which i have paid the partial amount and reduced the EMI. Now i have got job with low pay which will make me for survival.
    But the thing is even after huge knowledge about various financial products, I was cheated..I am wondering that when a person having good awarness is getting cheated by the companies means, think about the people who do not have enough knowledge about insurance.. really insurance companies will live well and can earn well.
    Even though if we go to consumer court.. they will win as they are big guys.. and also we do not have time.. But hereafter i recommend that who ever thinks that HDFC ERGO Will pay three months EMI during loss of job… will definitely change their mind. Definitely THEY WILL NEVER EVER PAY THREE MONTHS EMI…( May be if some one gets the termination letter from the company then.. they may pay..)

    1. Dipanjan says:

      Thanks Ashok…your article was a eye opener for me (and all the others I shared this article with) – they have dropped their plans to go ahead with it, like me. I know you have gone through a lot of difficulty for this kind of treatment by a organization like them.
      I can only thank you for saving us and more people from falling into this false promise!

  10. Dear Ashokts, first of all please update your lender HDFC in this case that due to your job loss, you are not in position to pay EMI for next few months. if possible from HDFC, try to arrange only interest payment (if you do have that much buffer for next 5-6 months). File a consumer court case against HDFC Ergo. Do not let it go. At the same time, try to grab a job for yourself as soon as possible. To bring your financial life in order.

    The house in question is for self consumption or for investment purpose?



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