How to find expense ratio of a ULIP fund?

POSTED BY Surabhi Rajan ON December 21, 2010 5:27 pm ONE COMMENT

While I was reading a post, following line came accross.

“Regardless of which fund or Unit linked plan you use, make sure the expense ratio is low. For example, try not to pay more than 0.9% for a unit-linked plan and 2% in a managed mutual fund. Expenses hurt! Check the costs of a fund!”

Eventhough I dont know about the expense ratio calculation of mutual funds, I know that I could get the ratio information from ValueReasearch site.

Where we could find the expense ratio information about ULIP funds or how could it get calculated?



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  1. You need to check out individual plan brochure as there is no centralized system of ULIP in India till now. Generally, ULIP have fund management charges (equivalent of expense ratio of mutual fund) ranging from 1% – 1.35%, depending upon the fund category. Add service tax and cess over it.

    Also, do not forget to compare other charges of ULIP like premium allocation charges, policy admin charges, mortality charges etc.

    Hope it will help you.

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