How to fill disclosers asked in Life Insurance form ?

POSTED BY indiabuddy ON July 17, 2014 10:48 pm NO COMMENTS

I am planning to buy 1-1.5 cr term policy now. Since disclosures about self are important, I have this query. The forms of these companies are very vague about disclosures. For eg: I regularly have a routine annual medical checkup done.

I am slightly overweight (80 kgs) for my height, age. Which is lifestyle induced. This results in a slight enlargement of liver. ( mild hepatomegaly). Should this be declared? I asked the liver expert doctor in the town. His opinion: Slight liver enlargement is NOT a ailment or a disease, it is a condition, reversible. With today’s lifestyle n pizza n cheese eating, 60% of the population may have it. So should I state it? Even the doctors say NO.

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