How to deal with corporate money swindlers like Dolphin Infra Power Projects Ltd

POSTED BY sudhirchugh ON January 2, 2015 11:30 am NO COMMENTS

I am in a fix. In March 2014 I had invested Rs 80000 in secured non convertible debentures of Dolphin Infra Power Projects Ltd , through one of the investment agents. I opted for a 24 month monthly interest plan. After paying monthly interest for 4 months, company stopped further payments without assigning any reasons. All my efforts to contact directors of the company failed. Company has closed their local offices without information.

Correspondence made to their Head Office is not being responded. In all , I am at a dead end and do not know what to do further. I contacted helpline of SEBI but they say that company is not regd with SEBI. All I have is a debenture certificate which is no more than a piece of paper at the moment. Company is located at Kolkata and I am located in small town near Chandigarh in Punjab.

Advise solicited.

Thanks Sudhir

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