How to contact angel investor to invest in a business ?

POSTED BY Akhilesh Prasad ON January 3, 2014 12:23 pm ONE COMMENT

How to approach a angel investor for invest in a business… ??

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  1. Its very simple

    1. You first have an awesome idea.
    2. Put some hardwork and money to build that business at some level . Atleast have some thing to show to someone that it holds a great potential

    3. Then approach angel investors (there is a big list out there in the world) and they will be happy to hear you .

    4. There are many forums , communities like TIE across India which you can join and get access to quality people . Also you can join comminities like or and keep an eye on whats going on with so many angle investors.

    BUT , make sure you are not under wrong impression that you can create a business on paper which looks awesome and then approach some one asking if he would like to put 10 crores on it with a partnership .

    No on plays that kind of game .


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