how to close two in operative epf accounts under same establishment and different branches

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Dear Mr.Manish,

I am Yegappan Muthu, 27, Presently am working in abroad for the past 3.5 years. I worked in India up to January 2010. My previous company doesn’t support me to close EPF. After read your blog I came to know the procedures even company not support. Thank You.

I was worked in the same company in India for 4.5 Years under different branches.

1.Under Madurai Branch I Worked for 2.5 years and I deputed to trichy branch on February 2008.But they didnot transfer my epf account. I am un able to get statement of epf also.

2.Under Trichy Branch I worked for 2 years and epf account inoperative since January 2010. Any way I got the Epf statement

How can I close both accounts? I planned for 40 days vocation to India from July 16. Can you suggest me in the possible ways.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bunker Guide says:

    Here is the update on online transfer:

    Believe me, its not online from day 1.
    Caveat: The full fledged service of online transfer of PF accounts on changing jobs would be possible only after employers’ have digital signatures for the purpose.

    You should go ahead with the manual process of withdrawal which I given earlier.

  2. Bunker Guide says:

    Recent news regarding filing PF claims online.

    You can wait for couple of days and see if you can file a claim online. This will be very easy method.

    Within next 2 yrs, EPFO is planning to role out unique PF Numbers to each subscriber. This could be the same NSSN (National Social Security Number) project. Once each member has a unique PF account number, there will no need for transfering PF from one employer to the other.

  3. Dear Muthu, i hope that dear bunker guide’s reply is able to solve your query.



    1. yegappan Muthu says:

      Thank you verymuch

  4. Bunker Guide says:

    Procedure to close the EPF account at Madurai and Trichy offices will be the same.
    However, you will need Form 19 (EPF closure and withdrawal) and Form 10C (EPS Pension Scheme closure and withdrawal) to be filled and sent at each office separately.

    In case employer is not co-operating, you can still close the EPF account by proceeding towards a nationalised bank and taking signature of the Branch Manager who signs and stamps on the form saying that “he has verified your credentials” etc.

    My cousin recently closed his Hyderabad account where the employer was not cooperating in the same manner. Do remember to stick revenue stamps on both forms. You can provide bank account number and IFSC Code with it or give a cancelled cheque. You can send the forms to both offices by simple post or registered post and send all necessary documents attested by gazetted officer to be on safer side. I recommend keeping a photocopy of each of the Form 19 and Form 10C of both offices for your reference.

    Earlier such withdrawals were quite difficult but they are being made easier now. Even the funds are deposited directly in your account within 90 days or so.

    1. yegappan Muthu says:

      Thank you very much Mr.Bunker

  5. Dear Muthu, please read the EPF & RTI related article of dear manish & do needful to get the info about your PF accounts & then do needful to get back your money.



    1. yegappan Muthu says:

      Thanks for your response Mr.Ashal. I go through the articles but I didn’t got informations about two epf accounts under same establishment. Either I have to transfer the first epf account into the second one or close the both epf account under same establishment at the same time. Is it possible?

      Can you please give me the link for this issue.

      Thank You.

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