how to claim death insurance benefits if nominee dies

POSTED BY Ammu Kothandaraman ON August 30, 2012 10:44 am COMMENTS (4)

I would like to understand who has the right to claim death insurance benefits if both policy holder as well as nominee dies. for eg: a husband who is the policy holder and his wife who is the nominee dies in an accident, leaving behind 2 children and father and mother. what happens in this scenario? kindly explain

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  1. Sangeeta Agarwal says:

    Hi, I want to know if the nominee or the beneficiary dies before the policy holder and the policy holder is still alive then who gets the insurance money and also if somebody wants to change the name of the nominee/beneficiary after his/her death?

    1. Policyholder is dead or the nominee ?

  2. In case a nominee dies , it is equivalent to “No nominee” . Hence the division will happen as per WILL ..

    But if WILL is not present, then there are hell lot of activities and problems

    1. Division will happen as per Hindu succession laws (assuming the person in question is a Hindu) . In this case , Mother and Children are Class 1 legal heirs , so they get EQUAL share.

    2 . All of them will have to bring a succession certificate and other documents providing they have the concerned relation, they have to bring their identities, they will have to bring death certificate (which is needed anyways) and some more documents .


  3. bharat shah says:

    though the query is not clear, i think, you mean to ask if the insured person and nominee both passed away simultaneously , or though the nominee has passed away earlier than the insured and the insured passed away without making new nomination. in that case, if the insured person made a ‘will’ mentioning the matter, the insurer will give accordingly. otherwise the legal heirs would get the benefits, but i think, it may need such certification from the competent court or authority.

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