How to claim back Money from SBI bank which I didnt get from ATM ?

POSTED BY Shravanega ON January 3, 2014 2:44 pm ONE COMMENT


I am SHRAVAN i had a problem with state bank of india… on 22nd oct i withdrawn Rs.22500/- from ATM i got Rs.19000/- only.Rs.3500/- were missing.i gave complaint to bank authorities by calling to tollfree number…they registered my complaint and gave a complaint number.. after one week i got a msg that your complaint was forwarded to home branch for resolution of your complaint.there was no answer from my home branch authorities regarding my coplaint. now sir,say that can i complaint to bank ombudsman regarding my inconvinience even i dont have any written complaint to bank…i have only complaint number which they gave me after registering my complaint to them by tollfree by my mobile.

here i do not have any written complaints.just a complaint number they gave me..after calling to the bank officials they said me that to take some copy (JPLOG)or any other (i was not sure to say correct name of that copy)at the home branch…

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  1. I think here are few things you should do

    1. First mail them from your email id that you got a complaint number and what is the resolution for it and status ?

    2. Once you get a reply from them, then if you are not satisfied, then file a RTI letter to SBI asking them for the status, put the complaint number and ask how much money was showing in their system which was withdrawn from your account.

    I think this will fasten the whole process.


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