How to Change the organization in the NPS record

POSTED BY Ravi Arya ON December 6, 2011 7:45 pm ONE COMMENT

I was working in a Central Govt. Organization earlier for a period of 1 year, where I had NPS Tier I account, But now I have left that organization and joined an organization where they do not use NPS.
Now I dont know whats the best way to contribute to my NPS account. Also, How should I change my Organization record…
I also tried crediting money to my NPS account via link from ONLINESBI, but my money was sent back to me with message “NPS REJ TXN – Sub does not belong to Unorganiz “.
Please suggest me what should I do…

Ravi Arya

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  1. Dear Ravi Arya, as you were working in the Govt. job, your NPS account is a different one. Please apply for conversion of your govt. sponsored account to non govt. one. or opt for a surrender of the account.



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