How to add a loan account to citi salary account for fund transfer

POSTED BY Vineeth Govind ON February 14, 2013 2:17 pm COMMENTS (4)


if anyone is using citibank salary account, please let me know how to add a loan account of other bank for fund transfer.i am seeing only option to add savings or current account.

i am sorry if this is not the right place to ask this query.

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  1. Vineeth Govind says:

    thanks alot for the help Ashal

  2. Dear Vineeth, you can transfer any amount subject to funds availability in your account as well as transfer limit set by your bank.



  3. Vineeth Govind says:

    hi Ashal,
    thanks for the reply….i have transferred 100 rupee to the loan account which was added as current account as you instructed. and received it succesfully. can i transfer 20-30 thousand without any fear now?

  4. Dear Vineeth, please treat your loan account as current account & do the registration. Try to transfer a test case with 100 Rs. Update us with your findings.



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