How to activate ECS for PPF Account

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Greetings to All..

Recently I have opened up a PPF account in SBI where I have my Savings Account. I would like to know how to activate ECS for PPF account. Can anyone of you help me?

Thanks in advance.




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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Logith, why do you want to use ECS? why not full investment at the start of the FY in April to earn full year’s interest?



  2. logith says:

    Thanks Sumit and Manish for your responses.

    @Manish, You are right. I have asked about ECS, but they didn’t give proper response and told me simply that you can do it from NetBanking.

  3. Just to to SBI branch and ask for it there … Mostly they will not be very co-operative ., Tell them you know that it can be linked and would like to complain to banking ombudsman if they do not help or will file a RTI . they should budge !

    Read more here –


  4. Sumit says:


    You need to fill up the required auto-debit or ECS form for this, and also make sure you have required funds available in your bank account on the date specified else you might get charged for unsuccessful transaction by your bank.

    But do you really need ECS for PPF account. I like to keep the option in my hand and desposit the total amount as early as possible once financial year starts.
    Ideally to maximize your earnings, you should deposit the amount in lumpsum between the 1st and the 5th of April.

    To know how PPF interest is calculated and other facts about PPF read below:


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